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Iwillbfit® Wooden Tratak Stand with 2 Eye Cup & Mask ( Combo of 3)

Rs. 796.00
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Tratak Kriya is one of the shatkarmas mentioned in Hatha Yoga. It’s a very powerful technique to increase concentration and to attain physical and mental balance. Tratak is a practice of intense gazing at one point or object thus strengthening eye muscles and improving flow of circulation around the eyes. Tratak balances and develops concentration, and will power. Tratak practice holds its roots and benefits much deeper as yogis use this technique to activate ajna chakra. It is also an excellent preparation for meditation. with regular practice of trataka decision making improves divine thoughts increase. It plays a key role in kundalini awakening, helps in astral projection and aura reading.

  • Material Type: Wooden
  • Pure best quality shaft and Wonderful height
  • Convenient for travelling and easy to assemble
  • Very pleasing and decorative Wooden finish
  • Combo of three with 2 eye cup & 1 eye care mask



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